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Your Guide to Solar Therm Heating Systems

Unsure if you should install solar panels on your home? 

Here's our complete guide on solar thermal energy, including what it is, the pros and cons and our answer to whether or not you should invest.

What is Solar Thermal?

Wikipedia sums up Solar Thermal energy to a tea: "Solar thermal energy (STE) is a form of energy and a technology for harnessing solar energy to generate thermal energy or electrical energy for use in industry, and in the residential and commercial sectors"

In other words it's a new, environmentally friendly way for homeowners to heat up their homes and business owners to heat up their office spaces, whilst reducing cost. 

But is it worth installing solar panels? 

Check out the pros and cons of using solar thermal energy below:

Advantages and disadvantages of using solar thermal heating systems

Advantages of solar thermal

  • Solar Panels are very low maintenance and you'll only need to replace the inverter (essentially the brain of the system) every 20+ years or so
  • Save money on your energy bills, which would otherwise be spent on gas or other fuel alternatives
  • Requires little space (providing you don't use the roof as storage)
  • You'll be doing your part to save the planet

Disadvantages of solar thermal

  • The initial outlay to install solar thermal energy sources can be expensive
  • Inconsistency of the weather (especially here in the UK) can have an effect on how much savings you make
  • Hot water cannot be stored for long periods

Should you invest in Solar Thermal?

Here's some questions that you should ask yourself if you're considering installing a solar thermal energy source and in particular, solar panels:

  • Do you have a south facing roof? If your roof is south facing (not south west or south east, completely south), you'll be able to reap maximum benefit from the solar panels. If your roof is predominantly east or west facing, or you have other houses / trees blocking sunlight onto your roof, then solar panels might not be a great option
  • How big is your home? The bigger your home, the more you'll be able to reap the benefits of reduced energy bills
  • Are you looking for a grant to install them? Sadly solar panel payments have ended, so if you're looking for help towards the installation of solar panels from the government, you won't be able to get it!

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