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What Time of the Year is the Best to Install a New Boiler?

At RJM Multitrade we understand that when your boiler breaks down you need it fixed ASAP. And if it is beyond repair you’ll want a new one installed without delay - whatever the time of year. In some cases though, you may be able to plan the installation of a new boiler in advance, such as when your boiler has aged but is still currently working. 

This post provides guidance on the process of having a new boiler installed and the potential  advantages of having yours fitted at certain times of the year.

Boiler installation in summer or winter?

When your new boiler is installed, your Gas Safe registered heating engineer will first need to disconnect the old boiler. While the new unit is being fitted, you won’t have any access to heat or hot water for the duration of the installation. This means that, for one to three days, you won’t be able to warm the radiators or have a bath.

For this reason, many people choose to plan a new boiler installation during summer, as it’s better to be without heat when the weather outside is mild. If, however, you can’t plan for this due to a sudden fatal boiler breakdown, the team at RJM Multitrade always aim to install your new boiler as quickly as possible to minimise your time without heat and hot water.

If the new boiler you’re having installed is the same type as your old one, your heating engineer should usually be able to install it within a day, so you won’t be inconvenienced for long. Installation can take longer when changing from a regular to a combi, for example, as the cold water tank and hot water cylinder will need removing. The process will also take longer if you need new elements for your central heating system, such as radiators, which is why the timeframe of boiler installation can range from one to three days.

Boiler installation services in Birmingham and beyond

The team at RJM Multi Trade offer our customers expert boiler installation in their Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Dudley and Stourbridge homes. We’re always happy to provide further information on our boiler installation services - which we undertake throughout the year, whatever the weather. Simply get in touch and our friendly team will be happy to help. 

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