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FAQ on Heat Pumps

Using heat pumps in your home can be a great, energy-efficient option for many and is a useful alternative to homes that aren’t on the mains gas grid.

The team at RJM Multitrade are experienced in heat pump installation, servicing and repairs, and have written the following post to explain what heat pumps are and how they can work well in your home. If you have any further questions about heat pumps after reading this just let us know

What are heat pumps and how do they work? 

Heat pumps began as an option to heat homes not on the mains gas grid, but they are growing in popularity with many homes choosing this method of heating, even if they can access gas. This is because they are often very economical to run and don’t result in lots of extra CO2 emissions being released into the atmosphere, as is the case with gas and oil fired heating systems.

Heat pumps work by drawing air from outside and heating it through a pump, which can then be sent around your home. They also work the other way around, collecting outside air and cooling it during summer, so they handily double up as an air cooling unit. This is one of their many advantages because they are so versatile to use. 

Heat pumps are available as air-to-water systems which also provide your home with hot water, or air-to-air which is heating only. If you are using heat pumps for your entire central heating system, you will usually need larger radiators than are necessary with gas systems to ensure a high enough level of heat. 

What are some of the benefits of a heat pump?

  • Heat pumps are better for the environment as they don’t run on fossil fuels like oil or gas.
  • They can be a lot less expensive to run than oil or gas.
  • Heat pumps provide an alternative to oil for homes that can’t be supplied by gas.
  • They have a long life span, with heat pump systems lasting an average of 14 or 15 years but some lasting as long as 50!

Do you install heat pumps in Wolverhampton?

We sure do. At RJM Multitrade, we work in homes across the West Midlands, including Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Dudley and Stourbridge. We’re local to the area and delight in serving our local community.

Heat pump installation and maintenance in Birmingham and surrounds  

If you’re interested in finding out more about having a heat pump system installed in your home then let RJM Multitrade answer any questions you might have and provide you with a quote. We work across Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Dudley and Stourbridge, so just contact us in any of the following ways: