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Advantages of Installing a Megaflo Cylinder

When most people think about their central heating system their focus is on their boiler, and if it’s time to upgrade they concentrate on which boiler to have installed. However, your central heating system involves much more than a boiler, and unless you opt for a combi, you’ll also need a cylinder or water tank. 

A Megaflo system offers optimum performance by allowing you to store a large amount of hot water in the cylinder, which can be sent to different water outlets at the same time. Use of a Megaflo cylinder is ideal for larger homes or families who need a lot of hot water.

Advantages of a Megaflo cylinder for homeowners 

There are tonnes of benefits to using a Megaflo cylinder. Here are the main ones:

  • It can store a large amount of hot water at once, for use throughout the day and evening.
  • It replaces the need for a separate water tank in the loft. This saves on storage, especially if you want to convert your loft into a bedroom or office.
  • It gets water from the mains, offering good pressure even if you are using multiple water sources at once.
  • Hot water stays hot, even if someone is running a kitchen tap while someone else has a shower.
  • The Megaflo cylinder comes with a typical warranty of 25 years
  • You’ll still get hot water even if your boiler breaks down, thanks to the immersion switch option.
  • The Megaflo cylinder is low maintenance, and the parts can be sourced easily if any replacements are needed.
  • Its design is safe, with features like an automatic mechanism that kicks in if the pressure starts to get too high.
  • There is less risk of contaminated water from the sludge and debris that’s often present in cold water tanks.
  • It has the option to work with thermal energy, helping both the environment and potentially lowering your energy bills.

Megaflo cylinder installation in Birmingham and beyond

If you’re looking to upgrade your central heating system or are already thinking of switching to a Megaflo cylinder, the team at RJM Multi Trade can help. We provide a professional, trusted central heating installation and care service across Wolverhampton, Dudley, Stourbridge and Birmingham, so if you’d like to find out more simply get in touch.

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